why game shows?


"Charlie, tell them what they’ve won…"

When you're seeing a prize on a game show and hearing the announcer talk about it, you are actually witnessing a promotional advertising spot. The television show allots a certain amount of time for the promotion of prizes in exchange for the participating companies' awarding of their products to the winners. You’re probably familiar with many of the companies who’ve taken advantage: Broyhill, La-Z-Boy, Ashley, Oneida, V-Tech, Collette Vacations, Shangri-La Hotels, Orbitz, Priceline.com, Hyatt, Marriott, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Sanyo, Royal Caribbean, The Home Depot, Best Buy, Macy’s…the list goes on and on. All of these companies have recognized the benefits of offering a prize on a game show in exchange for the on-air promotion of their product. Many of these companies became household names because of their promotional advertising on game shows.


Promotional advertising occurs in the actual content of the show, not in the commercial breaks. According to new consumer research from Leichtman Research Group, as of September 2008, 27% of US Households have a digital video recorder (DVR). And about 52.3 million U.S. households will have a DVR by the end of 2014, according to Magna's On-Demand Quarterly Report. What do you think DVR households do when the commercials come on? One of the biggest benefits of promoting your product on a game show is that your promotion is “Tivo-proof!”

When game shows are rerun (as they most often are – just watch GSN), your product reruns with it, with no additional prize obligation from you!

Providing a product as a prize on a game show may be the answer for a company with little or no advertising budget or one looking to supplement a larger budget. With appropriate planning, creativity and knowledge of the inner-workings of promotional advertising, GameShowPrizes.com can get your product national exposure for mere fractions of the cost for a thirty-second commercial.


Choosing the right programs, knowing the contacts and coordinating the production elements are a few of the challenges facing anyone who wants to offer a prize in exchange for a promotion on a game show. GameShowPrizes.com is a one-stop shop. By working with you, we will:

  • Select the appropriate shows based on target demographics
  • Map out a schedule of promotions
  • Secure the necessary approvals by networks, studios and producers
  • Coordinate all production elements
  • Notify you of your upcoming promotions
  • Secure affidavits of performance
  • Field all winner inquiries
  • Submit an annual report of your promotional activity
  • Provide you with outstanding service and ultimate professionalism

Target audience

Consulting with you, we will help determine which shows reach the most people who would be interested in your product.

Select the appropriate shows for your participation

With your approval, we will contact the targeted shows and present your product as a possible promotional participant. This will also help us determine how many promotions you may expect to receive from each show based on your qualifications.

Map out a schedule of promotions

Working directly with the shows, GameShowPrizes.com will determine the producers’ needs based on the type of prize you are providing. This will help us put a schedule together of when your product may appear on the show as well as how many times you may expect a promotion. However, the scheduling of promotions is always at the producers’ sole discretion.

Secure all necessary approvals

Through our established relationships with the networks, studios and producers, we will secure all necessary clearances for your product through these various entities including those governing broadcast standards, compliance and practices.

Coordinate all production elements

With our vast production experience, we will work closely with you in the development and implementing of your production elements to meet the specifications of the various studios – from the shooting of your product, right down to writing announcer copy.

Notify you of your upcoming promotions

In most cases, the producers will determine when your product will be featured as a prize. You will receive a written notification from us in advance of each promotion of your product so that you may alert your distributors, retailers and staff. In addition, you will receive all of the winner information for each promotion.

Secure affidavits of performance

With each billing cycle, you will receive a certified monitor report or signed studio affidavit from each show that runs your promotion indicating the date of each appearance.

Field all winner inquiries

We will handle all winner inquiries including but not limited to reservations for travel, delivery issues, and address changes.

Submit an annual report

At the end of each production calendar year, GameShowPrizes.com will send to you an annual report that recaps all of your promotional activity. This will help you determine how your promotions are working for you based on customer response and feedback from your suppliers and retailers.

Provide you with outstanding service and ultimate professionalism

Our knowledge and expertise in the industry is unsurpassed. GameShowPrizes.com will provide you with the best possible service focused on your most important needs.


Each game show has their own unique specifications as to which products will be acceptable as a prize, at what level a prize will be featured, and how many times they will promote the prize. Gameshowprizes.com will assist you in determining where your product will most likely qualify as a game show prize. To help you prepare for this, your product becoming a prize on a game show will be given consideration by using the following criteria:

The Prize Category

Here is a list of basic categories to help give you an idea of where your product may fit as a prize on a game show. If you’re not sure where your product may fit, GameShowPrizes.com will assist you.

  • Household or Office
  • Electronics

    • - Computers
    • - Game Systems
    • - MP3 Players
    • - Home Theatres, TV’s, DVD Players
    • - Video Cameras
    • - Digital Cameras
    • - Digital Pianos
    • - Telephones
  • Furnishings & Decor

    • - Groupings (Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, etc.)
    • - Individual Items (Sofas, Recliners, Beds, etc.)
    • - Flooring
    • - Artwork
  • Appliances & Houseware

    • - Large (Refrigerators, Ranges, Dishwashers, etc.)
    • - Small (Microwaves, Mixers, Espresso Machines, Sewing Machines, etc.)
    • - Dinnerware/Flatware
    • - Linens
  • Gardening Machines & Tools

  • Personal Clothing and Accessories
    • - Luggage
    • - Handbags
    • - Shoes
    • - Clothing
    • - Watches
  • Sporting Goods
    • - Camping
    • - Skiing
    • - Water Sports
  • Health
    • - Exercise Equipment
    • - Health Club Memberships
    • - Spa Treatments
    • - Beauty Products
    • - Pharmaceuticals
  • Gift Cards
    • - Department Stores
  • Catalogues
    • - Boutiques
    • - On-Line Bank Cards
  • Vacations
    • - Domestic Hotels
    • - International Hotels
    • - Specialty (Hot Air Ballooning, Cruises, Adventure Tours, Spas, etc.)
    • - Air Travel
  • Entertainment (May be tied in with vacations)
    • - Theatre Packages
    • - Movie Packages
    • - Movie Rental Memberships
    • - Theme Parks
  • Musical Instruments
  • Food (May be tied in with vacations)
    • - Dining Experiences
    • - Gift Cards (Omaha Steaks, Lobstergram, etc.)
  • Automotive
    • - Automobiles
    • - RVs
    • - Motorcycles
    • - Tools
  • Watercraft
    • - Jet Skis/Waverunners
    • - Power Boats
    • - Sailboats
  • Services
    • - Cleaning
    • - Dental

The retail value

The value of the prize is determined by you – the manufacturer or supplier. The game show industry standard for declaring the value of a prize promoted on a game show is by using the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). If you are providing a travel related prize (hotel, air transportation, etc), then you would generally use your peak rate – based on the level of service – as the retail value. The retail value will also be the amount used for a winner’s tax obligations, so this amount needs to be as accurate as possible. When you are supplying a product as a prize, you will sign a contract that stipulates the MSRP of the product. Of course, prices may change and the value of a prize can be amended as needed as long as it occurs before the production of an episode promoting the prize.

The value of a prize will help determine the place in a game show where the promotion may occur. A prize with a value of $100 - $500 will most likely be used as a consolation prize and the show may require the supplier to give multiple awards (more than one of the same product) in exchange for one promotion. A prize with a value of $500 - $2,000 will most likely appear as a runner-up prize or a prize to a contestant for winning a particular round. This mid-range prize may require multiple awards as well. A prize valued at $2,000 or more will most likely be a “featured” or “grand” prize. The placement of the prize will be at the producer’s sole discretion.

A product with a value less than $100 will most likely not qualify as a prize. But, there is another avenue for those products called a “fee” spot or “ten-second” spot. For information about ten-second spot advertising, please visit our parent site: brucemedia.com

The Theme of the Game Show

Certain game shows may have a main theme where only certain products would be appropriate as prizes. For example, The Newlywed Game would most likely be interested in awarding prizes that would be for newlywed couples – a “honeymoon” vacation that might include a hotel stay that caters to couples along with air transportation and meals; a new bedroom set; a home theatre system; etc. The show would not necessarily be interested in a prize that would be gender specific. On The Price is Right, the show tends to be more open to many types of prizes, though there can be exceptions.

Some game shows will also have “theme” weeks. For example, “On the Road” might be a theme week on Wheel of Fortune, so the show might be looking for scooters, RV’s or cars.

By working closely with the producers of the different game shows, GameShowPrizes.com has the ability to perfectly match various themes with your product to be featured as a prize.

The Perceived Value

Each game show reserves the right to determine the placement of a prize based on its category and its retail value, along with its “perceived” value. The perceived value may be completely subjective upon a producer’s determination of what a contestant or home viewer may find appealing. GameShowPrizes.com works very closely with the producers to determine a prize’s perceived value by including information on demographic interest and popularity.

When a product is not accepted for a game show based on the perceived value, it doesn’t end there. As a season progresses, a theme may pop up on the show where a product that had been previously unwanted as a prize will suddenly be perfect. Because of our continuing relationships with the various game shows, GameShowPrizes.com has the ability to stay current with each show’s prize requirements. Where a prize wasn’t right today, it may be perfect for tomorrow.




When your product has been accepted as a prize for a game show, it’s time to prepare the elements for production. There are three main areas to focus on for your promotional advertising spot:

Length of Spot

Generally, game shows will allot ten-seconds for a promotional advertising spot, although it could vary. It all depends on the prize, its retail value and its perceived value. Networks, Syndicators and Cable Networks may also have some basic broadcast standards that will affect how long a promotional advertising spot will be and what can be said about the product. GameShowPrizes.com will inform you of these guidelines and make sure that your product is given the maximum appeal and exposure allowed.


Most game shows have a studio announcer who is responsible to read the “copy” for each of the promotional items. This copy will be written by you, but there will be some guidelines that have to be followed. If you’re unsure about what to say or how to say it, don’t worry. GameShowPrizes.com has experienced copy writers who can assist you.


Displaying your product

Depending on the show, your product may be displayed either live, by video, or by graphic image. The Price is Right uses mostly live products right on their stage. Wheel of Fortune uses mostly video tape. A few shows will use a single graphic depicting the prize. Or, it may just be your company logo. Regardless of the format, GameShowPrizes.com will assist you in preparing your product for display. To see samples of each type of display, check out the links below.


When a show uses the physical product on their stage to represent the prize, you will need to send this product to the production studio. The shipping to and return from the studio will be at your expense. This product will only be used for the taping and will not be awarded to a contestant (with very few exceptions, i.e. “one-of-a-kind”). As on The Price is Right, the product is stored in their warehouse and brought to the stage each time it is featured as a prize on the show. Some shows, like Deal or No Deal, will only want the product for one shoot. The product would then need to be returned or dispensed with, according to your specifications. You may have it returned to your location at your expense, offer it for sale to the production company, or donate it to a charity of your choice.

The advantage to a live promotion on a show is that the talent and/or contestants may interact with the prize, capitalizing on your product’s appeal with their real reactions. The production company will handle all of the production of your promotional spot. Your only production expense is the shipping and return of your product!



If a show requires you to submit video of your product, you’ll want to make sure it’s professionally done and of good quality. Usually they will require just images with no sound, as the announce will read your copy over the video. The tape format used by game shows is either Beta SP or Digital Beta (DigiBeta). However, many shows are moving towards newer, more sophisticated formats including those for HDTV. Don’t let the rapidly-changing world of video throw you off. GameShowPrizes.com has the ability to guide you to the right resources and will work with you to get your video ready for production.

Another thing to consider is how much video you should supply. Many of the shows want to use your video to build a promotional spot that fits with their style. Submitting as much high-quality, unedited video (B-Roll) that you can, gives the production company an ample source in which to choose the best clips to show off your product. And, you can also request that your promotional spots contain certain clips that you prefer. GameShowPrizes.com will be there to make sure that the final cut meets with your approval.

If you don’t have any video of your product and want to participate on shows that require it, you’ll need to shoot some. GameShowPrizes.com is well-connected to a wide range of resources that will help you accomplish this.



In some cases, a show may just want to have a still shot of your product. It’s not as common, but it does happen. A digital image of your product will be all that is required, but it should be of high quality with a clean background.


Your company logo will be displayed with your product, whether it is a live display or video playback. Sometimes only your logo will be displayed, such as a “gift tag” on Wheel of Fortune. You will be requested to supply a digital image of your logo that you may already have on your computer. It should be of high quality with a clean background.



Fulfillment is simply you supplying the prize that was won to the winning contestant. Here are the three simple steps to follow; the three A’s:

Airdate Notification

About two weeks before your product receives its promotional spot on a show, you will receive an airdate notification from GameShowPrizes.com. This notification will inform you of the show in which your spot will appear, the date on which your spot will be broadcast, the episode number, and any winner information. The winner information will most likely include the name of the winner, their address and telephone numbers, and details of what was won.

Affidavit of Performance

Approximately 30 days after the broadcast of your promotional spot you will receive an identical form as the airdate notification that will include an affidavit of performance. The affidavit is a signed document from the production company declaring that your promotional spot ran on the specified airdate. Once you receive this affidavit, your responsibility is to now award the prize that was won to the winning contestant.

Awarding the Prize

Many prize suppliers will ship a prize to a winning contestant as soon as they receive the airdate notification. Others will wait until they receive the affidavit of performance. The one thing to keep in mind is that there is a time frame in which a prize must be received by a winner. The time frames and other information are detailed below:

Merchandise – Any type of merchandise that has been won by a contestant must be received by the contestant within 90 days of the airdate of the contestant’s appearance; usually on the same date as your promotional spot. Some shows allow up to 120 days. You will be informed about the specific show’s delivery requirements when your product has been accepted as a prize for a show. All merchandise must be delivered to the contestant’s home including inside delivery for larger items such as furniture or appliances.

Travel – Any type of travel-related prizes such as hotel stays, airline or ground transportation, meals, theatre tickets, or anything related to a contestant’s travel, must be available to the contestant for twelve to eighteen months after the airdate of the contestant’s appearance, based on the show’s specific requirements. If the travel destination has a limited operation schedule – say, it’s only open six months out of the year – then the award must be available for eighteen to twenty-four months after the airdate of the contestant’s appearance, again based on the show’s specific requirements. GameShowPrizes.com will inform you of all the details for each show.

Services – Any type of prize that is service-oriented, such as spa treatments, movie tickets or rentals, gift cards and certificates, etc, usually has to be redeemable by the winning contestant for one year after the airdate of the contestant’s appearance on the show.

In-Studio Award – Occasionally, a show may request that a prize be sent to the production studio to be awarded directly to the contestant at the conclusion of their appearance. This may be especially true if the show is awarding gifts to the audience. You will still receive an airdate notification and affidavit of performance, but each notice will stipulate that the prize has already been awarded at the studio.

Prizes not Won/Credit – In the event your product was promoted as a prize on a show and was not won by a contestant, a show may retain that prize as a “credit” to award in a later episode. Depending on a show’s specific requirements, they may have the right to award that prize for up to twelve months from the airdate of the original promotion. You will still receive an airdate notification and affidavit of performance, but each notice will stipulate that the prize was not won. If a show does award the prize in a later episode, you will receive another notice indicating the prize was won along with the winner’s information. If twelve months have passed since the original airdate of the promotion and the product has not been awarded to a winner, the product reverts back to you with no further obligation.

Forfeit – The winner of a prize may choose to forfeit that prize. This usually happens if the winner is concerned about their taxes. The winner is typically given three days from the taping of their episode to decide on forfeiture, though this may vary by show. If the prize is forfeited, it is retained by the show as a credit and may be awarded to another contestant (see Prizes not Won/Credit).

Preemption – Sometimes an episode of a show will be taped, but does not air. It may be preempted by the broadcast network or station by another program. It may also happen that the series gets canceled before it finishes airing. The game show may still be obligated to award prizes to any winners that may have appeared in a preempted episode. You may be asked to ship the prize to a winner, but you will be compensated for the delivery and the unit cost of the product.


GameShowPrizes.com has a varying scale of fees depending on the shows with which you want to participate along with the level of service provided. There may be instances where no fee is involved at all!

Take some time to explore a little bit more of GameShowPrizes.com and about the professional services we provide. When you’re ready, one of our experienced professionals will answer any questions you may have. Just contact us.